Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pretty patina lamp taper girse, monogram CD

Assured the charm to this lovely little lamp candle taper, cream and gray patina. The patina highlights the beautiful and delicate work of carving. The lampshade is made ​​to measure in the old linen embroidered with a lovely delicate floral monogram and CD, as always precise finishing, braid and satin ribbon. All form this beautiful lamp that will enhance your interior. For a nice and chic and charm decor ...

Total height: 31 cm
Shipping: 9 euros in Colissimo
Payment: check or Paypal

The Spirit of Light

I love the light in all its forms, natural, lamps, lampshades, sconces, chandeliers, etc ...

Fascinated by the eighteenth century , I took courses in history of art and training in a workshop for several years, it is natural that the "spirit of light" and patina have become the centers of my job. I create all the objects that are sold on this site. I also work with the order, taking into account the tastes and desires of my clients. Petite recipe home- a key eighteenth revisited - a pinch of Gustavian and classic - a ladle of refinement and charm - a touch of romance - a dash of flea and patina - a dollop of country chic - a good dose of patience.

The Margot cabinet, finishing

I present Margot cabinet completed and already en route to his new life in the Margot service.

The left door is incomplete: the reflection in the door from seeing the painted heart, I assure you there.

This is the first time I painted items of furniture before they are assembled together. One must be very careful not to damage what has been painted, and it is not an easy task. Is that it is heavy, this cabinet...

Little review details now: 

the body of the cabinet is fully very light gray, lightened by a cloudy effect patina very soft and white. This is how I imagine Margot. 

But all would be bland without some colors that give it character. As the doors are painted on the outside in storm gray, more toned, which emphasizes the fragility of slender white rechampis. 

At the request of the mother of Margot, hearts, white, hand-painted.

But a cabinet is not limited to its exterior. It must be just as useful practice. I chose to paint the interior in the same tones as the exterior, but agonizing problem became apparent: the bottom of the cabinet is hardboard, what to do? I have considered the solution of the vinyl sticker paper. But do not apply it perfectly made me a little scared, and then, his shiny plastic side... blah, blah. 

Paint the back of the enclosure was excluded. Too soft, it would quickly saw flaking paint applied.

And then at night (well Vui...), I had an idea: 

why not take plates of thick cardboard, covered with gray fabric and glue on the bottom of hardboard? 

No sooner said than done. I rushed to buy what I needed, scoring (anyway!) To match the gray background of the cabinet with gray doors. I hope you noticed! I am very happy with my find, which highlights the shelves covered with the same fabric used for convenient Margot. It is a gray canvas Jouy printed on a striped background mattress.

The set is clean and tidy, and to be honest, I would have been heartbroken to leave the cabinet with an unsightly brown background. I wonder if I am not satisfied with my find more than the rest of the work on the cabinet. 

Margot's mother was moved to see the furniture, and emotion was the best reward for my work. She and her husband have spoiled me, my taste buds are delighted to discover chocolates and cakes that I did not know. The rest of the war, in fact. I can not wait to have pictures of the room installed, and a smile of Margot...

I'm going to enjoy these wonders rest (not mine, I was a bit stressed). It was a very nice meeting, probably too short, but I'm definitely happy to see that the furniture (wardrobe and chest of drawers) will give joy simply. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to decorate a home with venetian plaster

This time we will discuss how to learn the application of Venetian Plaster, a different painting technique that is a beautiful and shiny and smooth wall. The Venetian plaster is made of natural lime and marble dust, so we can make pure decor with polished touch deep colors unmatched.
To apply Venetian plaster on your walls, we will use the following materials: Venetian plaster, wax polish, a couple of sandpaper and a couple of spatulas, with that after we give the texture with the help of an industrial rag. For this work, in a completely smooth surface, mean bound.

The first step is to apply the first layer base, which is with Venetian plaster and with the help of the 100-inch spatula unsterilized. It is applied in thin layers to dry completely as quickly as possible. This product can be applied on all types of surfaces, MDF, Trupan, Dry wall or in the same wall. It can be applied in different environments, such as bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchen, as this product is fully plastic and waterproof.

Upon drying the first layer, which is about 15 to 30 minutes, apply the following layers but this time with different designs may be in spatula or a crescent designs. With fully thin layers, we start with the design of spatula in this case. The no spatula dimension, has no plot, is accurate and that the product is totally blurred. This product comes in different colors.

As you can see the layers are completely thin layers can not be more. You can start it yourself with ticking the design. Finishing the second layer, let it dry about 15-30 minutes to what is the finish and shine itself. Then we started to apply what is the wax, which is the polishing layer and Venetian plaster protective. As you can see the wax is completely translucent and set the colors.

For the shine only going to need the spatula and start rubbing in all addresses. This is the finish, you see, is absolutely brilliant, I can touch, smooth finish, it can be placed in different environments, such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. It's easy servicing, only used a damp cloth and ready.

Friday, February 15, 2013


With our selection of light, that's what find decorating ideas or gift for little boy's room. We love the convenience of the luminous cube, which allows storing stuffed animals or beautiful collection of small trucks. Pilot mushroom dream parents and children for a room out of a storybook. Garland light with bright colors, that can compose yourself, is to find the right combination of colors! The air suspension: lying in bed, your little boy will dream of her future pilot. Or maybe he is an explorer grass, which give ideas with applied "bug"!

(1) - Pilot mushroom Egmont Toys € 47.92 (€ 59.90) At Vertbaudet
(2) - Applies Smiley Bagged € 6.99 from Ikea
(3) - Storage Cube light € 89 at Vertbaudet
(4) - Suspension wooden plane Waldi Leuchten € 75 in Babywalz
(5) - Christmas Lights kit Tao Tong, 22 € for 20 balls in the box cousin Paul


Mathy by Bols is a creator and manufacturer of furniture in Belgium. Lights with furniture such as bed cabin and tree shelf, the brand has largely inspired by the children's bedrooms fun and full of dreams. We will have ample opportunity to review these products, but today we have selected for you the bed by David.

Of great apparent simplicity, this bed in no less beautiful! The lines are clean, quality materials and style as well as glue for a boy of 3 years as a pre-teen of 12!

We like:
- color with cappuccino color slice wood
- finishing of high quality, with no visible screws,
- the optional drawer that can slide under the bed to create additional storage or to accommodate a mattress for a small guest
- the spirit collection with the ability to match the bed at a desk, nightstand or dresser ...

Note therefore this brand, you will certainly hear talk, including Small Truck! Bed Mathy by Bols David in File in your room , 207 € and 406 € the bed with drawer bed.


This autumn was rich in new shoes for our little guys, the good news is that the continuous discoveries. In fact, this brand Feiyue has teamed up with the gang grandmothers Golden Hook to offer you a box of craft designed to keep your little guy warm through the winter. This kit consists of the sneaker "Mid Delta" brand to the rafters, and a soft knitted hat handmade by our great grandmas. For this collaboration The Mid Delta kids is made of leather and suede in navy and burgundy tones for a look that is both elegant and urban. The iconic Golden Hook goat is marked on the left shoe and the right shoe is the logo Feiyue who is registered. In his case, the sneaker is accompanied by a woolen cap French and 100% natural, hand knitted.

Available from 22 to 35 to € 99