Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to decorate a home with venetian plaster

This time we will discuss how to learn the application of Venetian Plaster, a different painting technique that is a beautiful and shiny and smooth wall. The Venetian plaster is made of natural lime and marble dust, so we can make pure decor with polished touch deep colors unmatched.
To apply Venetian plaster on your walls, we will use the following materials: Venetian plaster, wax polish, a couple of sandpaper and a couple of spatulas, with that after we give the texture with the help of an industrial rag. For this work, in a completely smooth surface, mean bound.

The first step is to apply the first layer base, which is with Venetian plaster and with the help of the 100-inch spatula unsterilized. It is applied in thin layers to dry completely as quickly as possible. This product can be applied on all types of surfaces, MDF, Trupan, Dry wall or in the same wall. It can be applied in different environments, such as bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchen, as this product is fully plastic and waterproof.

Upon drying the first layer, which is about 15 to 30 minutes, apply the following layers but this time with different designs may be in spatula or a crescent designs. With fully thin layers, we start with the design of spatula in this case. The no spatula dimension, has no plot, is accurate and that the product is totally blurred. This product comes in different colors.

As you can see the layers are completely thin layers can not be more. You can start it yourself with ticking the design. Finishing the second layer, let it dry about 15-30 minutes to what is the finish and shine itself. Then we started to apply what is the wax, which is the polishing layer and Venetian plaster protective. As you can see the wax is completely translucent and set the colors.

For the shine only going to need the spatula and start rubbing in all addresses. This is the finish, you see, is absolutely brilliant, I can touch, smooth finish, it can be placed in different environments, such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. It's easy servicing, only used a damp cloth and ready.

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