Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to decorate your house for Halloween? - Ideas and Photos

One of the most anticipated events for children and the not so young is the celebration of Halloween. In this article we give you different options to decorate your home for this holiday, and turn your interior into a scene of horror, without investing a lot of money.

As a first step you need to decide which areas you want to decorate your home. You can be the living room, dining room, entry or stairway. Once you've decided the places, you can include different decorative accessories in different areas of each space as doors, windows, walls and furniture.

Cobwebs Halloween

One of the easiest ways is to buy bags of cobwebs with spiders and place them in the corners of the walls, lighting (if hanging), on the stairs, on furniture. Imagine the Monsters house (if they ever saw it), you can inspire.

Decorative Candles

Instead of using normal lighting, decorative candles spread especially black, white, orange and purple on shelves, tables and cabinets.

Light Bulbs

If issues that may occur with some unforeseen decorative candles, lights up your environment by changing light bulbs in dark colors to create a spooky atmosphere.
You can also create this grand setting for your window.

Sofas and Chairs

If you have white sheets black or colored sheets, to give us the feeling that the house is abandoned. You can sprinkle talcum powder or flour on the sofas, to give us the impression that has been abandoned long ago. When guests sit down, will form a dusty cloud. The work we have to do tomorrow is going to be hard. If you do not want such dramatic effects as above, you can purchase decorative pillows in black and orange for the couches in the living room.


Witches should not miss in your decor. One alternative is to create shadows of witches with black paper and paste them into the window, in the mirror or in a decorative box. Not to spoil the tape is always a great choice.


If you want to add a touch of tradition to your Halloween table, you can include yourself pumpkins carved coffee table in your dining room or living room. They are also ideal for outdoor area as porches and front door. A variety of bricklayers to create your own pumpkin and there are several options to buy different local stores if you do not have the time to create them.


A great idea to decorate different areas of the house, either exterior and interior, ir with ghosts. There are different options, from adhesives, shadows and dolls. A simple idea and interesting to decorate the outside with ghosts is with newspaper, trash bag in white and a rope. The paper sheets are crumpled newspaper giving the structure of the head of the ghost, is covered with trash bag and the shape of the head is tied with rope. You give the shape of the eyes and mouth with a marker, I think a couple of little holes and hang it with the remaining rope elsewhere. You can include it in the trees, as shown in the photo or the place you see fit.

Dry Leaves

Collecting dried leaves that autumn brings us (for some), you can spread on the driveway or in the room you've decided to decorate with Halloween. This gives an effect of abandoned and lonely house.

Dry Ice
Dry ice is very useful to create the effect of smoke in the air. We can give the impression that the house is haunted.

Play scary sounds with a speaker, eg chilling laughter, howls, screams. This can complement the mood of Halloween. Not only the visual but resultant will be a set of perceptions that will complement your decor. The sounds you can find them through YouTube.

Other decorative accessories for Halloween are bats, black cats, crows, tombs and skeletons course. Happy Halloween!

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