Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to paint the bathroom walls

The bathroom is the place in the house dedicated to body care and well-being of the person and for this reason its walls, always in contact with hot water, condensation and temperature changes are more prone to wear than the other rooms. Here some points of advices that you can drop in your walls, various kinds of coatings to more suitable painting for a perfect result for your home decoration!

In addition to small but important measures, such as promoting good ventilation inside the bathroom to let out steam and hot water, you need to pay attention to the choice of the dye to paint the bathroom walls and the various methods of painting precisely to avoid unpleasant imperfections due to heat and that in the long run can give rise to ugly spots of mold or condensation.

First, it is not always well paint the wall portions in close contact with the health and therefore more potentially in contact with the water and rely rather the use of the tiles, to cover at least half of the wall. With regard to the walls themselves, instead, it is always advisable to choose a painting specially prepared for the bath, water repellent and moisture-resistant. The most common choice is to select, convenient solution because it is easy to apply and quite opaque but with some limitations because it is of a type not too resistant and more difficult to clean.

If you do not like too much the idea of ​​a partly tiled bathroom and you do not like the most common dyes, you can choose to rely on the wallpaper, there are several on the market, specially designed for the bathroom, but who need small adjustments such a treatment to make the paper waterproof glue and the drafting of a fungicide, for a result and running away from problems.

If you want to decorate your walls with wood paneling, you have to necessarily require the use of special glazes, commercially available, to be applied strictly on each panel to ensure the wood a good protection against water.

Finally, the new trends in bathroom furniture today very point on resin coatings, available in different finishes, gloss or mat. The resin is a very durable material and multifunctional, perfect for covering walls, instead of the usual paint or switch to painting for both floors. Trends furnishing apart from the choice of resin surfaces seems to be the perfect solution for a good aesthetic effect capable of ensuring at the same time good resistance and a longer life compared to conventional paints, with the advantage of not having to resort then over time to maintenance.

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