Thursday, November 22, 2012

Some ideas to make the teen room warmer

A room with warm colors

For the teen room is pleasant and faces the temperatures drop, go for warm colors that will enhance the ambiance of the room. Think Pink, the orange, or purple.

Enveloping colors

Similarly, you can opt for a color That Will wrap the room in settling on the walls goal Aussie on the ground. Still opt for a wall of a different color to Provide breathing room.

Thick curtains

To warm the room teen, Consider dressing windows. curtains We chose this heavy drapes and That Will protect Both the cold and light. You can opt for a darker tone than the room to highlight the windows.

A bed in a cocoon

To give a sense of intimacy and warmth, you can position the bed in a cocoon. If the room has a recess, do not hesitate to up the bed in it so That Your teen feels wrap ounces in bed.

Warm headboard

To make the bed comfortable and warm, we put on a headboard That uses the back of a chair. The result is original and Brings warmth to the Entire room.

A cocoon chair

And if you install an egg-shaped chair in the room so That Your teen can take refuge in a cocoon have? flesh will bring The original style to your room and will bring a lot of heat.

A soft carpet

To dress floor of the room, Consider Adding a rug That shows the color codes of all the decor. For more comfort, choose a carpet shaggy will be very soft and pleasant to touch.

Cocoon bed

For a warm atmosphere in the room of your teenager, bet on a bed That will wrap. You can opt for a model with the shelves and give a look bench to bed your teenager.

Timber walls

Side wall cladding, you can bet on a wood effect to bring the warmth of a cottage decor. For a more contemporary appeal to teens That Will, prefer a wood effect in a white color.

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