Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Margot cabinet, finishing

I present Margot cabinet completed and already en route to his new life in the Margot service.

The left door is incomplete: the reflection in the door from seeing the painted heart, I assure you there.

This is the first time I painted items of furniture before they are assembled together. One must be very careful not to damage what has been painted, and it is not an easy task. Is that it is heavy, this cabinet...

Little review details now: 

the body of the cabinet is fully very light gray, lightened by a cloudy effect patina very soft and white. This is how I imagine Margot. 

But all would be bland without some colors that give it character. As the doors are painted on the outside in storm gray, more toned, which emphasizes the fragility of slender white rechampis. 

At the request of the mother of Margot, hearts, white, hand-painted.

But a cabinet is not limited to its exterior. It must be just as useful practice. I chose to paint the interior in the same tones as the exterior, but agonizing problem became apparent: the bottom of the cabinet is hardboard, what to do? I have considered the solution of the vinyl sticker paper. But do not apply it perfectly made me a little scared, and then, his shiny plastic side... blah, blah. 

Paint the back of the enclosure was excluded. Too soft, it would quickly saw flaking paint applied.

And then at night (well Vui...), I had an idea: 

why not take plates of thick cardboard, covered with gray fabric and glue on the bottom of hardboard? 

No sooner said than done. I rushed to buy what I needed, scoring (anyway!) To match the gray background of the cabinet with gray doors. I hope you noticed! I am very happy with my find, which highlights the shelves covered with the same fabric used for convenient Margot. It is a gray canvas Jouy printed on a striped background mattress.

The set is clean and tidy, and to be honest, I would have been heartbroken to leave the cabinet with an unsightly brown background. I wonder if I am not satisfied with my find more than the rest of the work on the cabinet. 

Margot's mother was moved to see the furniture, and emotion was the best reward for my work. She and her husband have spoiled me, my taste buds are delighted to discover chocolates and cakes that I did not know. The rest of the war, in fact. I can not wait to have pictures of the room installed, and a smile of Margot...

I'm going to enjoy these wonders rest (not mine, I was a bit stressed). It was a very nice meeting, probably too short, but I'm definitely happy to see that the furniture (wardrobe and chest of drawers) will give joy simply. 

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