Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Coated bath design

What better place than the bathtub to relax in peace stealing a half-hour stress and bustle of everyday life? Even better if you can relax in a spa that assures us the most intimate and welcoming atmosphere of ...

It is truly amazing, the design of this modern bathtub created by Italian designer Anika Elisabetta Luceri, as it uses a coating Chesterfield style that hardly saw in a bathroom, and the result we really like. It is currently only available in white, which makes it stand out even more $ 20for beauty of the coating, which combined with a fairly simple design bath provides a feeling of smoothness, so far away from the latest trends in bathroom design, which a ruthless minimalism wants furnished with simple lines and geometric.

We are facing one of the rare examples of a bath at the same time simple, luxurious, elegance and refinement that makes it perfect every bathroom, from the most classical to minimalist.

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