Sunday, November 25, 2012

Application for IKEA catalog 2013

A new application of augmented reality will allow users to browse the catalog 2013 in an innovative and above all interactive, thanks to special insight into the dynamics of evolving behind the IKEA furnishings.

Augmented reality arrives in the catalog

The new IKEA 2013 catalog, as well as being full of ideas and inspirations of fabulous furniture for our homes, large or small, will be available as usual in the print edition at the end of July, but this year will be followed by a juicy news for all lovers of technology and App for iPhone, iPad and other smartphones.

The famous Swedish furniture company, in fact, always attentive to innovation in every aspect and in every sector, has designed an application of augmented reality, expected to release on the day following the exit of the printed version of the catalog, which under the auspices of augmented reality will allow users to access a whole world of detail hidden in the catalog.

Some of the products featured in the pages of the catalog, in fact, will be equipped with special symbols "smartphone" that will allow you to access, by application to a range of content that accompany the user in the behind the scenes of the IKEA project, allowing access to movies and special feature that will show you some of the past as are born and develop ideas that give life to our beloved furniture by strange names.

This is an intelligent and interactive way to bring people to the company and vice versa, and to provide users with greater insights on the mechanics behind the development die furnishing accessories.

For example, the application will allow you to explore a new concept shared by designers and planners IKEA: The concept of "rooms" in which each house is (era!) divided has become obsolete, the house is lived by the Swedish giant as an environment one that fits from time to time to the different needs of those who live there, and this new concept is the basis of future lines of furniture.

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