Wednesday, November 28, 2012


In decoration, accessories are very important to give it that personal touch to our corners. However, not always found in stores or something like it suits our budget. Thinking about this, I share an idea very original and super simple gives us Martha Stewart to make a cup full of character and style.

For this job you need:
  1. Cork sheet.
  2. Maps (or print that you like)
  3. Small brush or paintbrush to apply the glue
  4. Glue "No More Nails" or Colafría
  5. Tip top
  6. Cutting Table

Ready? Now get to work!

First, make the outline of a circle (or figure you want) in a paper to be the base of your cup. Then transfer the pattern to the cork, to cut it with the cutter. Also cut as many circles or paper map you've chosen for the project.

After the glue used for decoupage to seal one side of the cork. This step is very important because you are sealing the base of the cup.

Finally, turn the cork and put glue on the other side. Place the map in place, and make sure all edges are securely attached. Then apply more glue on the map, to seal and waterproof it. Wait for it to dry, and ready! Enjoy it!

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