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These candles, home fragrances and detergents that create the ambience of your home

Some may remember a famous advertising "Smells fried!, "And a spray later," It smells like fried rose! ". It was the time when we were hiding in another smell even stronger. Not a great success. Today, this has changed since the perfumers put all their heart and talent to compose home fragrances, subtle, elegant, on supports more sophisticated. Examples.

Home Fragrance: candles memories Alberto Morillas

"A fragrance candle has nothing to do with the scent of skin, says master perfumer Alberto Morillas [he created CkOne, Aqua di Gio, Flower by Kenzo ... but also a collection of candles, Mizensir]. A perfume must evolve over time, gradually revealing his personality, while with the candle must be immediate sensation. When we feel cold wax, you do not feel much, but as soon as you turn it on, it sends a special emotion that is embodied in the air and gives a special atmosphere to a room: lightness, comfort, meditation ... With my memories I created all my candles fragrances [fifty-two ten years]. For example, this is an Indian temple softwood inspired me Le Bois du Tibet. My last candle, Rose Petal, evokes the rose in my garden, surrounded by flowers pastel box, with the smell of the earth after a rainstorm. I also have special orders for shops. Thus, for Chopard, I recreated the favorite flower of Caroline Scheufele: tuberose-feminine, luxurious and intimate like a boudoir. '

Technically, the quality of the wax and the wick is important Alberto Morillas uses strands of cotton or waxed paper. At the vegetable wax that has a strong odor, he prefers a pure wax from Germany. As for making the candle, it is the recipe: "I center the wick. Then I pour the melted wax mixed with perfume in the pot, like a cake. Everything is handmade! And it is especially in the composition of the fragrance that I invested the most. '

Candles Mizensir Colette (Paris 1er) from 50 €, 230 g.

Home Fragrance: the perfume of high-tech Frédéric Malle

"I started, like everyone else, to make candles flowers with my perfume house (Dominique Ropion, Sophia Grojsman, Carlos Benaim ...), explains Frédéric Malle Editions de Parfums creator. Then I wanted other media when I wanted to develop a scent of lilies. Because it is a fresh scent, to me incompatible with the warm feeling of a candle. "So he devised a magic box, Fleur Mécanique, which resembles a former radio and instead of music, distributes fragrances of flowers: magnolia Jurassic Flower, by Carlos Benaim, A Night Gardenia, thrush 1 st May Dominique Ropion, etc..

But Frederic Malle many other keys on his perfume organ, as Rubber Incense totally innovative: "I wanted to modernize the lavender sachet slipped into drawers by our grandmothers. "He has developed plastic plates (polypropylene) fragrant. The scent is injected into the balls that are melted and then they are cast in these plates that resemble waffle makers. The result is amazing. 100% recyclable, they are placed in dressing rooms, closets, cars, and last at least six months. The first fragrance, mystical, sensual, developed by Carlos Benaim, evokes the smell of Indian temples, a mixture of precious woods and incense. Expected result with impatience.

Flower Mechanics, 190 € (30 ml perfume refill from € 45), Rubber Incense, 75 € three plates fragrant.

Home Fragrance: detergents refined Francis Kurkdjian

Francis Kurkdjian, one of the most talented young perfumers today (he created Narciso Rodriguez For Her, Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, Rose Barbare for Guerlain ... and now has his own fragrance house) is very attached to refinement details. Witness his papers to burn incense, scented its bubbles, its candles ...
It was during a trip to New York he had the idea of ​​scenting laundry: "The collective laundry in my building made me a cloth gray, rough and smelly. Back in Paris, I decided to tackle the problem. "Not easy work because the perfume must consider many requirements. "The detergent must" bloomer ", that is to say, immediately exhale drying and ironing its light scent of white flowers. The softener must cling to the fibers, therefore contain large molecules that do not leave rinsing and drying and resistant to iron ... "So many obstacles that he managed to cross in just six months and who won a great success since it already sells more than a thousand pairs of detergent and fabric softener year ... And this is only the beginning, as there are addicts ...

Aqua Universalis Washing perfume, € 32, 1 l, perfuming Softener, 32 €, 1 l.

Home Fragrance: the sense of place

Rami Mekdachi, artistic director "If a perfume or exacerbate skin should emphasize the personality of a woman (sexy, intellectual, refined) or translate the image of a leather, a creator, etc.., a scent interior must be it, in harmony with the place. Example: when the St. James Club looked like an old family home, I had developed with Dorothée Piot one cashmeran patchouli and evoking ancient carpets. Today, this place has been redecorated, it is more feminine. So I introduced a slightly pink. Hotel Costes for his paintings, old furniture and cellars have inspired me a rum patchouli, while for the restaurant L'Avenue, are notes of fig and mango that I made ​​with Olivia Giacobetti. In summary, the scent of skin, I am a sociologist, for fragrances, I am almost architect."

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