Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fluorescent in Christmas colors

What color is Christmas? sure that many would answer to that question quickly the colors of Christmas are red, green, gold and silver ... no?

Well, that would have been a correct answer until a few years ago, for Christmas also left currents absorbed and decorative trends that have made ​​fashion colors also reach these cherished holidays.

The fluorescent colors are having a strong presence in all disciplines of fashion in recent years, and as we can see in these pictures, they are able to give a point of originality also the Christmas decorations.

If we choose a decoration on these tones, it is advisable to seek gloss, full of glitter, that give a festive look to the concrete object, so there is no doubt that this is a detail of Christmas ... Although ... it is also true that if Christmas is not seen so clearly in them, we can always take advantage of using it at other times of year ... Are not you happen alternatives uses for these stars?

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