Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The kitchen furniture Maisons du Monde, now discount

Not everyone knows that there Maisons du Monde kitchen furniture. Are independent furniture, all real wood, which under the suggestive name of Copenhagen, Storeroom, Eleonore, Luberon, Newport, Zinc, Persiennes, Saint-Rémy and Amsterdam, let us set up a kitchen to our taste, always with the quirky charm that transmits the French company.


Right now the Saint-Remy model is precisely among the products that have been selected for sale in January, so it may be a good opportunity for contemplating a change in the most visited of the house.

As you can see this is furniture paint finishes pearl gray, looking slightly aged and painted wooden knobs. Counter tops are the base units of Kadapa, India with a stone slate looks like it needs to be treated with a waterproofing material that is waterproof and can be cleaned simply with a chamois.

The three modules are lowered the image of 60cm. wide, which now cost 90 euros less each. The kitchen can be completed with other elements, a beautiful sink cabinet 120cm and 120cm high also with barred doors. Also exempt are cabinets, benches and tables to match. If you need more details about how to choose furniture that suits your kitchen decor you can see other furniture and kitchen decor trends sources.


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