Sunday, February 6, 2011

Multipurpose basket for the bathroom

When we are dealing with small spaces or rooms with a minimum space, including the bathroom, the real trump card is to make the best use of the available space, perhaps focusing on decorative accessories multipurpose, practical and absolutely essential for anyone who does not have available large environments.

Designed and built to the bathroom but also easily adaptable to the bedrooms and the living room, what you see in the pictures is called Mini Nest and is a handy addition multipurpose and multifunctional designed by our national Ambrose Rossari and signed Valli Bathrooms. All those who have to deal with space requirements, need for practicality or simply appreciate the multifunctional solutions will find delicious and test facilities.
Designed as an ideal combination of the laundry basket Nest, previously proposed by the company and which follows the form and intent, Mini Nest turns to become, if necessary, a basket, a storage room for linen and, why not, an occasional seat. Elegant, made of faux leather and features clean lines but soft, Nest is available in all black or dark brown in color, very sober hues that make it even more versatile, suitable for any environment and not necessarily the prerogative of one room bathroom.

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