Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ergonomic spoon cup

Maybe it's not a real "jt-jantom" but it is so comfortable, friendly and helpful (not to mention its cool) it is virtually impossible not to dedicate a small space on our pages!

For the vast majority of people, the morning coffee is a ritual indispensable, a tradition almost sacred, and for many a real need in order to start and connect to undertake cordial relations with others there who like to take when they wake up in the coffee house and who expects to arrive in the office. In both cases, the spoon that we present today is very useful for all those who never know where to put the spoon after sweetened coffee.

Its shape, it allows you to hook it directly on the rim of the bowl when you're done using it, so it's always close at hand, not to forget about and especially not having to put on the desk, if you drink coffee in office.

This cute accessory is called MugStir Coffee Spoon, it is made of stainless steel with silicone handle, and is sold in packs of three pieces with three different colors, for the modest sum of ten euro directly online at quirky.com

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