Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ideas to decorate your home with mirrors

The mirrors are key elements in the decor, because they can offer different sensations as our purpose. Thus, they serve to give a sense of spaciousness, brightness, depth or continuity.

Models, shapes, sizes ... there are many types of mirrors and the choice depends only our tastes. Although it is best to use both wall mirrors and standing, as they are very practical. The choice of framework is also something to consider. We spoke to Cristina Mas, M2 Architecture, which has given us some clues to decorate with mirrors.

Spaciousness and light

The mirrors have the ability to expand a space. A small room can double your space visually if we place the mirror properly. To do this, he must go on a wall or a door that reflects something broader, thus simulating the stay is greater. So, are almost essential for smaller rooms.

The mirrors also get more light for the same reason: they make the light shine directly on them and so lights up the space. Scatter light and create feelings with them, one of them the brightness.

Some tips to decorate

- Decorating with mirrors is very versatile and offers endless possibilities. Cristina Mas gives us a good idea to use them: with them we can create the illusion of a window where there is not. To do so, simply place small mirrors together.

- It also offers us, if we dare, decorate a wall almost entirely with mirrors of different models and sizes, multiply the space and are very decorative.

- A completely attractive place a mirror is slightly tilted forward leave, the reflection and visual effects it produces are very interesting. The decorators also recommend not placing these pieces in undecorated walls, as they provide a greater sense of coldness and emptiness.

- Place mirrors on cabinets or shelves makes objects found within them gain a higher profile, and give the feeling of being in three dimensions, which can also be a good idea when decorating with them.

- Mirrors are very recurring decorative elements also in the hallways and entrances of a home, because they allow lengthen or widen them as needed. In turn, we must prevent the mirrors reflect parts of our house we do not want to be too visible.

 - Any room can be decorated with mirrors. In small kitchens, for example, can give greater brightness. In bathrooms are essential when hide storage lockers and to give an impression of spaciousness. A mirror in the dining room natural light will be softer and that is reflected in every corner.

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