Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Revamp a bathroom ideas

Want to give a new life to your old bathroom? has identified twelve beautiful tracks to give sparkle to a bathroom on the decline ...

If your bathroom withers visibly, give him a nice facelift without necessarily breaking the bank. Special paint , decorative accessories trend lines furniture design ... The creators imagine the bathroom as a place where it is good to have fun. Many reasons to be tempted by a little change in this room often overlooked. Without going into great works, discover 12 ideas to revamp a bathroom and give it a bit of a cost.

1. Painting opt for trendy shades

The idea: The bathroom is often synonymous with blue or white. Why not get a little off the beaten track and dare shades trends next painting? Neutral tones, for example, for their soothing qualities. You can also get away by providing it with a color and choosing a color that is really fun, leaving aside our prejudices! Practical: Paint kitchen and bathroom, shade roller and Daim, Dulux Valentine .

2. Equip the shower glass wall for brightness

The idea: Thanks to a wall shower glass, bathroom light wins. The water space is a place apart while being in line with the part. For the practical side, splashing remain in the shower and dry soil. Practically: shower door pivot Vikos white, 80 x 185 cm, 159 euros, Castorama.

3. A new bath brush strokes

The idea is to paint intrudes everywhere in the house. Including in the bathroom and in particular on the bath ... Thanks to an undercoat or a special resin, the most banal tubs back to life. Place the play of colors in the bathroom! Practical: freestanding bathtub paint Tulipe, 180 x 80 cm, apron customizable with paint of your choice, for large file sitting on the right or left, double acrylic shell, 649 euros, Leroy Merlin.

4. Dare wallpaper for originality

The idea: The wallpaper is the wall covering in the air. We use and abuse to apply it in the bathroom. Provided that it is well ventilated, at the risk of the corners quickly come off ...
On a wall, the wallpaper energizes the room. Depending on the desired style, opt for a plain or patterned, neutral or colorful. Then coordinating accessories bathroom. Practically: Wallpaper collection Maycott, Ashby, roll 10 m 52 cm wide, 34 cm connector, 59 euros, Sanderson.

5. Organize splashes of color with new towels

The idea: If you want to sprinkle a bit of color in the bathroom without risk, opt for towels multi-colors. Powdered soft moods and tones in winter, in summer colors vitamin. Practically: Lola towels, terry united several colors and sizes available, 70 x 120 cm, 24.90 euros, Carré Blanc.

6. Change your old sink design to win

The idea: Change the basin or sink in the bathroom is a small investment ... But the result is often the height. The shelves of health stores or at craft specialists, basins and sinks are a beauty to seduce us. The hardest part will probably be making a choice. Practically: white ceramic sink Totem, L 55 x W 51.50 x H 85 cm, 389 euros, Castorama.

7. Choose the shower curtain that fits your desire

The idea: The shower curtain , cheesy? This is not counting on competing shops deco design ideas to reinvigorate the bathroom. The shower curtain is now if graphic trend, with an appearance fabric, far from classical synthetic. Practically: Gallery Stripe Shower Curtain, 100% cotton, 34.81 euros, West Elm.

8. Adopt a trend cock

The idea: Indispensable to the daily life of the bathroom, the faucet can be an asset to be decorative. Design and clean lines or old style ceramic and cuffs, the possibilities are numerous. In all cases, they treat this detail can make all the difference ... In practice: basin mixer wall Xin 2 holes, chrome, ceramic cartridge 35 mm, 219 euros, Leroy Merlin.

9. Treat yourself to a spirit jug 'granny

The idea: The trend flea moves also in the bathroom. Parts mottled in empty granaries or store-bought models, these mirrors another time playing the card of a deco charm. We chose different forms, hanging from a string. A little side flea market and a little more light! Practical: Family mirror polished stainless steel, Meenox-A 30 x 17,5 cm (rectangular), 50 euros, Meenox-B 21 x 21.5 cm ( oval), 45 euros, Meenox-C 22 x 14.5 cm (round), 38 euros, sold individually with ball attachment system painted red, Presse Citron.

10. Buy who know the scene

The idea: This is the luxury touch ... In the bathroom, it revels among a bunch of beauty products. Rather than scatter giving the impression of clutter with a thousand cares all different from each other, investing in empty bottles in a row or care to look decorative. Practically: Hand soap, oils essential, about 13 euros, Toast.

11. Larger space with mirrors illusoirs

The idea: The mirrors have a super power: they enlarge the space and bring light. To give an illusion of grandeur to the room, we have the fronts of furniture. Little more design: we forget the handles to allow smooth doors. In a wink, the bathroom and makes a few square meters to one side sleek style. Practically: mirror cabinet 1 door, LILLANGEN, 40 x 21 x 64 cm, 39 euros element and sink 1 door, brown black, 40 x 41 x 92 cm, 129 euros, Ikea .

12. Swap the towels against the sheets of steam

The idea is very fashionable this summer on the beach, hammam towel (or Fouta) is a place in the bathroom. Lightweight, 100% cotton, this new towel hides assets. We especially like his side deco more fun than ordinary towels. A decline in a range of colors for a bit of fun. Practically: hammam towel, 60 x 140 cm, 25 euros and 50 x 100 cm, 14 euros, AM.PM.


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