Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Homemade wooden display

Those who love the DIY is always looking for original and exclusive creations and always seeks the way to implement them on their own. Today we present a grid, carefully handcrafted out of wood, very original and use as an alternative exhibition gallery. Here we go!

To make this useful, convenient and practical display is the wood strips, a good drill, the polish and, as always, a bit of dexterity and lots of patience! The wood used in this case is oak, but any type of wood you have available or want to recycle will be fine, such as the economic pine that you can also paint the desired color.

Before you post the strips of wood, each must be carefully treated with a special shiny transparent highlights important because the grain of the wood leaving intact the natural color. After each list of wood is thoroughly dried you can proceed to the composition of the gallery.

What you see in the pictures is just an example, since you can create the size and shape you like. In any case, the assembly is not a difficult task, just try it out before the final effect simply by superimposing the beams to find the solution you prefer and then attach them to the wall equipped with a drill and screws. Once you get yourself set the composition of the old hangers or any other media and you're done! An original solution and cost, almost zero, for hanging pictures, but also to use alternatively the panels where used to post reminders or notices.

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