Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Playing with food? Yes, but with style!

The food, you know, is not the exclusive preserve of taste but is also made up of aesthetic beauty and visual decorations. If a dish is presented with an attractive style immediately catches your attention and, let's face it, it looks even more tasty! If you are thinking to get a similar effect is necessary to be particularly adept in the kitchen, do not worry, just much less, from the choice of dishes!

The collection of ceramic plates that you see in the pictures and designed by Polish designer Sliwinki Boguslaw is indeed a tribute to the culinary arts also made of good looks, charm and originality in presenting the dishes. For the series the eye wants its part, will not go unnoticed that these dishes on your table because they are sparkling, dynamic and visual effect very original.

Their peculiarity is to become a nice framework within which the food seems to come to life in all respects, thanks to reasons drawn over each dish. Each of them plays especially on the dynamism of transportation such as ships, trains, helicopters, trucks and so, once in the dish, the food will come to life and you feel like you see fruit, vegetables or any other food on the move.

The effect can perhaps only with small dishes, such as vegetables, which are better suited for the size to fit within the confines of drawings made on the plates but no doubt you will have found a way to make it more pleasing even the most classic vegetable dish boiled, not always popular, especially for those on a diet, and even be able to enjoy eating even the smallest!

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