Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shopping for cooking with children

These holidays where children are free from their obligations, is a great time to make them work for the rest of the year do not have time, like cooking. So today I propose some accessories and cooking, especially designed for them. TOOLS FOR LITTLE CHEFS With cheerful Kinder kitchen kitchen accessories, children from 4 years can help in the kitchen like a game and discover the joy of cooking.

Kinder kitchen accessories have been specially developed to meet the needs of children are not simply small versions of adult tools but have been designed with children in mind with longer handles that can be held by the hands of perfectly a child.

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Fun, easy and above all very appetizing! Kitchen, decorate and share the 6 muffins that proposes this kit.

Involve children in the kitchen have proven benefits and help develop creativity, imagination and language loa , as introduced in the process from choosing ingredients to the fun and pride of knowing their own result .

RRP : € 19.89

Cookie cutters

Dr Oetker offers to surprise children with these cookie cutters . A kit consists of a nonstick baking tray, and ten colorful plastic cookie cutters with different shapes of figures, for children to let their imaginations.



The My Little Cupcake mold to pops and Pirulos unbaked, is a good time to start the smallest in the world of pastry. Easy and fun is perfect for making mini cupcakes. Just putting a stick, will become a fun pop.

The hands of little helpers, will unleash your imagination decorating them with sprinkles or chocolate bananas.

RRP : € 6.90

Hank Imaginary

The kitchen of your dreams! If you managed to arouse in them the joy of cooking, this Imaginarium kitchenette will love! Tailored to your fun, great and very complete, with lights and sounds. It has 2 burners with light and sound , sink with swivel faucet, two shelves, refrigerator shelf, oven and accessories up to 30!

RRP € 89.90

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