Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting the most out of your room's decor

When decorating the room must always keep in mind the greater use of space, with a little intelligence and some suggestions we can do just that touch people who do characteristic, cozy and unique.

A good recommendation is to make the furniture as maintaining proportions, if the room is small we should not abuse over sized furnishings as just the visual effect you get with it is that it looks much smaller than it is . In these cases it is best to choose them low, narrow and shallow. The multifunctional furniture often be helpful in small spaces.

You can try to get the most out of the walls, you can avail yourself of books, decorative items and if the space is small remember not to reload the environment, to do nothing better than a library of background murals but keep in mind that any decorative excess can amplitude ruin the effects you're looking for.

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