Saturday, January 12, 2013

Classic lines, smooth tones and wall silkscreened in 2013

In the beginning of a year that boasts very homey, the interior designer Javier Castilla line bet by "classical, but renewed" in supplements. Threads linen and velvet smooth contrast with silkscreened walls. Austerity and creativity go hand in decorating 2013. Defining the decor that is emerging as the most "current" for this year is difficult, since each decorator has "its own way of creating," said interior designer and architect. In your case, is more like a "classic line-renewed, blend of classicism and modernism touches on special parts "such as pictures and other accessories of decoration. The interior emphasizes that, given the economic times, the tendency is marked by "austerity", but believes it can be "camouflaged with a little ingenuity."

At you will find a tip for those who decide to reform their home, "Shoemaker to your shoes". And how important it is recommended to have professional interior to "advise and assist" to avoid changes that "probably" did not go well. Luis Alfonso Lopez, director of projects Gaston and Daniela, has detailed textiles will stain all ranges of yellow and green. "Ochre, mustards, lemon and gold and green lizard, fatty grass, mint and turquoise '2013 takeover of the fabrics. While Fran Serrano, creative director Pepe PeƱalver, stressed "the turquoise, strawberry and mustard", not forgetting " washed tones and 'vintage' as natural pastels, water green and different shades of gray. " For both managers, the smooth take center stage without relegating entirely to prints. "The customer is directed to safe values" although floral designs "with a certain romanticism are popular" and figurative elements that mimic "sinuous forms of nature," said Serrano. To Luis Alfonso Lopez prints step to cede smooth in large volumes as "sofas, curtains or walls", but will have a space in "small floors or furniture" as chairs, pillows or blankets, where also the geometric ethnic stripes, the colorful "paisleys revivals" of the India and the East "ikats" find their niche.

It's linen and cotton yarns and wools and flannels take center stage "so comfortable textures and natural fabric quality" while the smooth velvet cotton also be a big star versus textures or sheens that are decaying, Lopez stressed. fabrics mimicking long furs for blankets, field seats or "looks" rustic living with the resurgence of Scottish tartans and drawings in bright colors and contrasting as white-black, white-blue or white-chocolate brown, "a clear nod to the" 50 of the last century, "he concluded. Another trend will dress the walls of art without hanging a Picasso or a Matisse. Langa Silvia, founder of "The Wallery", changes the concept of displaying art and proposes vinyls and murals, measuring 4 x 3 x 2 meters and 3 meters, made ​​by artists like Alicia Arrazola, Conrad Roset, Ivan Bravo, Caroline Selmes, Chamo San or Brosmind intended to decorate differently each household. For those who just want to innovate your wall color looks, the international firm commitment Bruguer paint a palette in which the indigo is the absolute protagonist. According to officials of the firm, the indigo blue is a color associated with the "wisdom, honesty and" quiet " a tone that enhances every room.

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