Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Decorating trends: 'American Vintage'

How many American movies and have seen the features kitchens with center island where kneaded all kinds of sweets, and on whose tops are not lacking hot dog machines, toasters, 'palominos' or covers high cakes that 'contain' delicious homemade cupcakes? American Aesthetics '50s again inspire your kitchen trends in the XXI century. Do you sign the 'American Vintage'?

How to get a kitchen?

1. Smell muffins and chocolate cake: the clock bell marks the end of cooking a delicious sweet. Donuts, waffles, crepes ... As in any typical American kitchen, yours also becomes an exquisite pastry artisan.

2. Dogs to see the end of the 'Superbowl': if an event has everyone outstanding Americans of the screen, this is the party which decides the annual Superbowl champion. In our country, this event ever has more fans. So nothing like a night with friends with hot dogs and a beer for an evening live 100% 'made in USA'. And in your kitchen, of course, a machine to prepare authentic American dogs.

3. 'Sofa, cinema, blanket and popcorn': what better plan a weekend marathon of good cinema with your partner or with your friends? Appoint your favorite saga, accommodates in the lounge, and that comes from the kitchen smell freshly made ​​popcorn in a classic 'popcorn'.

4. Year-end party: be inspired by the hit Disney 'High School Musical' or the classic 'Grease', and organizes an end of year party for your children. You can not miss the balloons, punch, looks 'ad hoc' and of course in your kitchen, a 'source' of chocolate where everyone can go to spread their 'cloud' candy. More ideas 'American Vintage' for your kitchen, in the English Court.

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