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How to make innovative home - Home decor 2013

Select a style that provides a pleasant atmosphere, warmth and comfort to any space, and in which your personality reflection.

Not many can yield to the annual decorating trends due to lack of time, budget and patience.

So to talk about trends in home decor is less about to be used in the next eleven months and more about what Home Trend maintain its practicality and longevity.


The choice of decoration in living rooms and bedrooms usually quite "controversial" when we live with others.

In the first case, because the rooms are rooms where we gather with family and friends and spend a lot of time.

In room because that's where we need rest and soothing tones, not bored and are not too bright either.


In styles of decoration of the halls 2013 to highlight the contemporary style and classic returns as a third option, the eclectic style, you can combine the two previous styles.

Numerous interior designs are based on the catalog to create comfortable living spaces, functional and economic.

The decorative details such as curtains and cushions play a key role in the decoration, as they can provide a touch of color that you might not dare use on walls.


The styles of decoration of the bedroom, like classrooms, are contemporary, classic and eclectic.

But unlike the rooms, some rooms do not support a wide range of colors as it inevitably is in classrooms where they usually add more accessories and decorative objects.

To this is added the problem of space, especially for those who live in large cities and few square meters.

The gray and brown are very present this year, combined with white.

Although these colors are not usually preferred when you decorate the bedrooms, we must recognize that the right combination of browns and grays-neutral-neutral, bring elegance and comfort.

To further expand the range of possibilities, we have included the star colors this season: The cold green and blue and yellow and gold.


Proposed decoration kitchens 2013 regarding not much different from the 2012 trends in furniture, materials and finishes.

Most have limited space so that new kitchen cabinets include storage options are very functional and intelligent drawers, drawers and cabinets allow us to make the most of the space.

The difference in kitchen decorating trends compared to 2012 is shown in the colors. If last year saw mixed neutral colors with cool colors in 2013 take over the warm colors and soft woods charge more prominence.

Regarding the highlights neutral white, non-monotonous used with gloss or wood.

Also continues the trend of including glass fronts.


Combinations of this year opt for neutral colors mix and warm woods and neutral or three, as you can see in the fourth picture.

To this must be incorporated into appliances or accessories excimer black and steel. And of course, maintaining last year's trends countertops mimic natural materials such as granite or marble, in addition to indirect lighting, which adds warmth and elegance.

The decorative styles are essentially two: the classic and the contemporary.

While earth tones, khaki, brown, camel and sandstone pillars will always today, buyers looking for homes with a shocking twist, and an inexpensive way to produce this effect is with bright colors that exude tons of personality.

Brown with red and yellow shades add a touch of comfort to a room, the Reds are eternal and darker reds are frequent, especially in kitchens, for those with more sophisticated palates, navy, royal blue indigo and enter in game room, den or home office.


In the bathrooms, like kitchens, furniture is becoming more functional, precisely because of the same problem: the space (and the fact of having to share it with the family), matte finishes and wood.

The floors and countertops mimic natural materials like marble and decorative styles of bathrooms are basically three: Minimalist, contemporary and classic, even vintage touches.

Regarding colors, the bathrooms still retain the blue trend, combined with neutral colors but this year gaining strength different combinations of neutral creams, browns, beiges and whites.

Also included brown and gray, as we have seen in the bedrooms.

And, again, like kitchens, loom large points of light for a cozy, especially when we go for cool colors and neutrals.

Wall Decals

The wallpaper or wallpaper has been popular since the 60s, most people take it to a wall with a design pattern, to add an accent and a little personality to a room.

But today, a technique that requires less time and budget are bumper stickers or graphics.

But it does not end there, with mirror stickers design trend is starting to replace the use of traditional mirrors.

Adhesives are not only simple to assemble, they're easy to remove when you decide to do something new with the room.

With nothing more than a damp sponge, you can remove and replace.


Wall tiles are not only incredibly attractive, they are also quite affordable.

The surface interacts with light to permanently alter the appearance of the wall.


Bamboos, exotic wood and cork floors.

While wood floors have always been the typical choice of most home buyers, it seems that the ground is giving way to new materials and the carpet is coming out of the houses completely.

Buyers are moving away from carpeting, even in the room and is used sparingly.

Bamboos, exotic wood and cork floors are becoming increasingly popular choices as they are the most practical and hypo allergenic.

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