Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The false myths about decoration

In decorating, as in many other areas, there are many myths and cliches you should know to avoid cliches.

In decorating, as in any other area, there are misconceptions. since ideas like clear tapestries are dirtier than dark colors to light to steal your home. Well, I will take these and other topics that have nothing certain.

Dark colors will not have to subtract light our spaces. Everything depends on the use made ​​of the color. The key is to use the raised tone colors in the wall of the window. Thus, the back light and color is environmental space. If you paint the wall of a windowless dark but it is best to place a mirror to do the duties of a window.

In the same line, and continuing with the theme of light, is the discussion of how many lights are needed. It depends. The light bulbs is not always cold and dazzling as not so much the quantity as the power itself and choose suitable opening. Thus, selecting a good illumination passes get the right power of light in each room. For example, to illuminate a room in a smooth with a few 50 W bulbs will suffice.

Another aspect is the upholstery. 's not entirely true that light colors are always more sensitive than dark. And, for example, the color linen or stone supports best dirt with a dark blue. The key, contrary to popular belief, is not so much the colors but the textures. So, as appropriate, rather than focus only on the color, is it also in the tissues. Remember that a thick fabric, such as velvet or chenille, will absorb stains better textures thin plain cotton. Furthermore, it is believed that use patterned fabrics cause the sensation that the space is smaller. Well, is totally false. You do need to find that the tones are in the same color range but the size of the subject does not matter.

Closets are another issue par excellence when selecting a home. Many times we filled spaces wardrobes and shelves. Well, this does not have to be a guarantee of order. The key is to strategically place our closets to reduce the feeling of chaos. Something more important than having large numbers. An example is to have small closets in the bathroom for towels in the bedroom for clothes, and so on. One of the room, something that lets you draw on what you need easily while you gain space.

If you do not have too much time or prefer to leave the decoration and distribution of space in your home in the hands of an expert can always hire a decorator. Problems with the budget? Another faso myth against what can be assumed decorators are not as expensive as they can perform their services for 15% of the work you are going to perform. Also be paid in installments, 12% of their total compensation at the start, another 12% of the bill, 36% and 40% protector end, by the direction of the work.

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