Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to paint walls plastered and sequins scraped planned?

What will you do if you want to move into your future home but before that you have to paint it. What will you do if the most walls are coated brushed beige. As they are dirty, you would like to repaint, how are you doing to this problem? Elsewhere in the kitchen and in the bathroom, you can projected glitter, and you are still confused on how to repaint them as well? These are the tips and advice in advance to help you  painting the walls plastered and sequins scraped planned.

Prepare the walls and apply appropriate products!

If you really need to repaint your walls covered with a coating without changing scraped finish, you just need good washing your wall and let dry. Then you can apply a primer and two coats of acrylic paint in the color of your choice, with a long nap roller: the application will be more homogeneous. walls for the bathroom and kitchen where you have glitter projected work will be a little tedious! Paint on a wall with glitter can not be achieved without some preparation. You will need sanding all the walls, dust coat and then apply a layer before the two layers of paint of your choice.

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